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you might get lucky, too!

Looking for true love can be very daunting--there are lots of ups and downs. Maybe your boss is hammering you about your sales quota? Maybe your girlfriend is away on vacation? Has your love life gotten so bad that it even makes your best friend depressed?

You need some inspiration! You will surely find it after meeting your soul mate on where there are hundreds of beautiful singles from which to choose.

  • True love is like a red rose; sweet yet tender, its beauty to be savored forever.
  • Experience the kind of love that will make you forget that there are doors in your house.
  • And you might even win a free ticket to Las Vegas! (more details to come)

the brains behind our operation

We've invested nearly one hundred million dollars in nanotechnology and neurocomputers, but we never dreamed we'd wind up using the technology in the way that we did: to provide the greatest online dating experience possible.

  • Our match-making engine is written in the Ada programming language.
  • The code is object-oriented, portable, fast, powerful and it does so many things.
  • Our servers run on the STELLAchip Millenium X, the fastest chip in the market!
  • "It's like that HAL 9000 computer in that movie Space Odyssey 2001," says Professor Tran of Grant University.

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